Microcosm Books
...publisher of quality fish books

FAMA site for Freshwater And Marine Aquarium magazine

General Interest:

...JAWS - Just Aquaria Web Site

Fish Information Service
...offers aquarium FAQ and glossary, pictures and movies

...web resource that offers articles, accessories, and a help service

...Compuserve's guide to pets

Public Aquariums:

Waikiki Aquarium
...3rd oldest public aquarium in the world; located on the island of O'ahu

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
...explains the challenges of protecting the reef located off the coast of Australia

Shedd Aquarium's largest indoor aquarium on the shore of Lake Michigan

Sea World/Busch Gardens
...features animal and educational resources, PenguinCam, and Shamu TV

Monterey Bay Aquarium On-Line
..."E-Quarium" that features a cyber tour of Monterey Bay

New York Aquarium about the aquarium; offers a Quicktime movie of a Beluga whale birth

London Aquarium about the aquarium; offers an aquarium webcam and pictures of fish from around the world

Dallas World Aquarium and Zoological Garden
...features RainforestCam and tours of 10 kinds of marine life
from around the world

National Aquarium in Baltimore about its animals, exhibits, conservation efforts; features interactive games

Seattle Aquarium
...features events, exhibits, services, and programs about the aquarium

Sydney Aquarium
...features an Ocean Gallery and quick tour of the aquarium; also offers the online newsletter "Fin News"

Tennessee Aquarium's largest freshwater aquarium

Under Water World on the aquarium located in the Mall of America

New Jersey State Aquarium about the aquarium; offers a SharkCam and BayCam; opportunity to sponsor a seal

New England Aquarium about the aquarium; offers a virtual tour of the aquarium



Clubs & Associations:

American Livebearer Association
...knowledge, photos, and support of Livebearer fish

...Associated Koi Clubs of America; provides info on Koi keeping, AKCA membership, Koi dealers, Q&A

Aquarium Products:

Kent Marine
...offers products for aquariums and ponds; FAQ

Oceanic Systems
...offers aquariums, accessories, and furniture

Energy Savers Unlimited
...product catalog for aquariums and ponds

...offers food, products, and books on the care of aquariums, ponds, and terraniums; features "Aquademics" - (aquarium education)

Hagen Pet Products
...a variety of pet products; FAQ

All Glass Aquariums and Products
...offers aquariums and accessories; aquarium set-up tips, and technical support

...acrylic aquarium manufacturer specializing in custom aquariums and displays

Aquarium Systems
...offers sea salt, reef products, aquarium accessories; FAQ: technical support

Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
...offers custom aquariums and aquarium supplies

Red Sea Fish Pharm developed by marine biologists, chemists, and other professionals in the field; offers aquarium accessories and food; links to Fish Link Central

Ocean Nutrition
...frozen food info featuring prime reef, shrimp, and aquarium products

...aquarium products featuring H.O.T. Magnum and the Emperor Filter System

Rainbow Lifegard Aquarium Products
...offers aquarium products, technical support and customer service

...offers aquariums, stands, hoods, and River Tanks

Hikari USA
...exclusive agent of Kikari brand pet food; features "Ask Herb and Harry", where you can ask your aquatic pet questions

Hamilton Technology Corp
...features a variety of lighting products and information

...Eheim aquarium filters and pumps

Aquarium Pharmaceutical
...offers products for aquarium and ponds; aquatic reference center; help desk



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